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Thank you for choosing Walmart for your Layaway purchase. The details of your order are listed below.
Individual items must be priced $10.00 or more and total layaway purchase must be at least $50.00.

A down payment of 10% or $10.00, whichever is greater, is required when items are placed on layaway at order creation. If items are added to a layaway order and the current deposit amount is less than 10% of the total basket, additional payment up to 10% of the total basket is required.

If the layaway purchase is cancelled, there will be a $10.00 cancellation witheld from your refund. (cancellation fee applies to the extent permitted by applicable law.)

Excluding Ohio, Rhode Island, Maryland, District of Columbia

Hawaii – The Cancellation Fee constitutes “”repacking and transportation charges”” that will be deducted from any refund in the event of cancellation

The due date to pay off the balance due on your layaway account and pick up your layaway items is 12/11/2017.

Customers must be eighteen years of age (18) or older to open, receive items from, or receive refunds from a layaway account. This includes the primary customer on the account as well as any alternate pickup customers identified on the account.

A valid address and ID is required to receive items from, or receive refunds from a layaway account.

Visit your local Walmart store on or before 12/11/2017 to pay your balance in full and pick up your items.
Layaway accounts not paid in full on or before 12/11/2017 will be cancelled.
Items not picked up on or before 12/11/2017 will be returned to inventory and may not be available for purchase.

The Walmart Returns Policy for items bought at a Walmart store location applies to all layaway transactions.

Items are held for pick up in-store only. Delivery, loading, assembly, installation or other services are not provided.

An itemized account statement is available upon request.

If for unforeseen reasons we should be unable to deliver the item(s) or exact duplicates of the items in your layaway account upon full payment, your remedy will be either (1) to select alternate goods of equal or lesser value from current inventory, or (2) to receive a refund of all monies paid.

Thanks again for shopping with us. We look forward to helping you save even more money during your next visit.
Customer Name: CAROLYN C*
Layaway Account/Order Number: 96003251
Walmart store 1169
SPRINGHILL , LA 7107500000
Qty UPC Description Price
1 00050803770500 LRN WALK PK $29.88
2 00605388219510 2YR RPL PLAN 1 @ $2.00
1 00694202119660 DRONE STUNT $29.88
1 03417761580000 TEACH ELPNT $17.88
1 00817573012920 ALPHA ELITE $25.00


Down Payment Paid: $20.00
Payment Made: $0.00
Balance due includes taxes: $97.42
Remember, you can avoid last minute lines by paying off your Layaway balance and picking up your items before 12/11/2017.
Items can be added or deleted from your layaway account at any time. if items are deleted and the value of the items remaining in your layaway account is less than $50.00, then you have cancelled your layaway account.
By signing this receipt you acknowledge that you have read the above layaway terms, that you understand that items placed in your layaway account but not paid for and picked up during regular business hours on or before the due date of 12/11/2017 may not be available for purchase. if you cancel your layaway account, including failing to pick up the items during regular business hours on or before the due date, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $10.00 as allowed by applicable law.